Yarroway Farm’s produce is grown following biodynamic and organic farming practices. We believe in the direct farm to consumer setup where the sustainability of the farm/farmer is dependent on building a direct relationship with the consumer. The CSA model compliments this relationship by building that bridge of connection between the farmer and the consumers family. It is a chance to know your farmer, get real food at a great value and eat delicious, high quality, chemical free, nutrient dense produce.


We grow a wide variety of fresh produce using heirloom and traditional seeds. Listed below is the range of produce we grow at our flagship farm for our CSA clients:

Specialty Greens – Lettuce varieties (leaf and head), Kale, Arugula (Rocket), Swiss Chard, Collards, Spinach, Amaranthus, Sorrel, Chinese Greens, etc

Vegetables – Tomatoes, Cherry Toms, Sweet & Hot Peppers, Beans, Cucumbers, Sweet Corn, Okra, Squash, Eggplant, Brassicas, etc.

Roots & Long Storage – Beets, Carrots, Radish, Potatoes, Onions, Shallots & Scallions.

Herbs – Basil, Parsley, Sage, Thyme, Oregano, Mint (fresh or dry)

Fruits – Papaya, Banana, Watermelon


Community Supported Agriculture is a relationship of mutual support and commitment between us the farmer and the CSA members. It allows city residents to have direct access to high quality, fresh produce grown locally by regional farmers. The concept of CSA was influenced by European biodynamic agriculture ideas formulated by Rudolf Steiner, which makes it home ground for us!

When you become a member of a CSA, you’re purchasing a “share”of vegetables from a regional farmer. In return for a seasonal membership fee to help cover the production costs of the farm, CSA members receive a weekly share of quality produce grown by us on our farm using biodynamic practices. Members share in the risks and the bounty of farming. Through weekly newsletters, farm tours and frequent farm photos, members have the chance to enter into a relationship with their food- where it comes from, who is growing it and the experience it has from seed to harvest.


You invest in advance by paying for a season subscription directly to the farmer. By buying your share (harvest box), you are helping the farmer plan in advance for each season (seeds, area, crop rotation, etc.), buy all relevant equipment & fuel (irrigation, nursery, maintenance), prepare the composts, and facilitate all the necessary employee payments to grow the crops. Like any investment, you will also gain benefits and share risks. Benefits are in the form of high quality seasonal produce, trails of new products, farm tours, and discounts on bulk sales.

With that opportunity there are risks associated with our growing season. Risks apply in the form of low production and possible delays due to weather, pests, accidents, etc. We are committed to minimizing those risks, yet risks will always remain. We promise to do our best to provide you with a bountiful share each week. The quantity of produce, however, may vary from week-to- week due to extreme weather, insects, or other production factors despite our best efforts. By joining our CSA, you are agreeing to share the risk of crop failure with us and our other members.

In the unlikely event of crop failure: If only a small portion of crops fail, we compensate for the failed crops by filling your box with other crops grown on the farm that are ready for harvest at that time. If a large portion of crops fail, we may not be able to deliver any products in some weeks. Should this happen, members will be contacted directly, as soon as possible to discuss options for remediation. However, it is unlikely that we would be able to refund memberships or even partial memberships as the money is used to fund the seasons expenses. Please take this into consideration when joining the CSA.

The transparency of where and how the food is grown combined with the shared relationship with it make a CSA a unique and ideal way to reconnect with food. Not to forget, the respect it gives to farmer and food.


Our geographical location allows us to spread as far as Bangalore and Mysore cities for delivering the weekly CSA Harvest boxes across 3 seasons:

Summer (12 weeks – Mar to May)
Autumn (16 weeks – Sep to Dec)
Winter (8 weeks – Jan to Feb)

A Full Share Box will contain 10-12 different items depending on the season. We often make the box a well rounded assortment of salad greens, traditional & heirloom vegetables, roots and tubers, and herbs. Each week is slightly different allowing for a full variety of what the season provides. All produce in the box is grown on our farm. We estimate that our Weekly Shares feed 2-3 adults (or a family of 4) who enjoy eating vegetables and cooking!

A Half Share Box will have half the amount of full share produce,with the same mix and percentages. (Suitable size for Singles and Couples).

Our CSA Clients have the benefit of taking advantage of our Customized Bulk Sales where we custom pack non-perishables and seasonal fruit once a month during our supply run. The list of items will be shared with the client for custom orders as and when they are processed and available at the farm store.

Note: Seasonal subscription prices vary by city. Kindly contact us for seasonal mix details, prices and pickup points.


Signing up and Pickup Points: We provide clients an opportunity to sign up for a seasonal subscription 2-3 months before the first delivery, which gives us time to plan the cycle and start growing crops. You can subscribe for one season at a time. We require a minimum of 10 member sign ups to finalize a pickup location, and one responsible point of contact person at each pickup point who can keep in touch with us about delivery confirmation, notifications,emergency changes, etc.

Delivery and Frequency: Your box of freshly harvested, seasonal produce grown on our farm will be ready for you to pick up from a specified location in Bangalore and Mysore once a week, on a pre-determined weekday. We recommend you to pick up as soon as possible so your produce can be freshly stored.

Cancellations: In case you cannot take a box in a certain week due to an emergency or travel situation, we suggest you gift/allocate your box to someone else who lives close to you and can pickup the box in your place. Because of the subscription system, we plan our crops based on demand we cannot allow any cancellations, refunds, or adjustments. We have created the seasonal shares subscription,keeping in mind the holidays, and our heavy planting periods.Therefore for your convenience we have no scheduled deliveries for
Monsoon months and Christmas/New Years.

Sample Boxes: We can allocate any additional produce we have for new clients to try our sample box. (through Point of Contact)

Recycling: We recommend you to recycle the harvest boxes as much as possible to cut costs and protect the environment.

Communication: Each week you will receive via email our “what’s in the box” newsletter with – news from the farm, what we harvested,what’s coming, how your food is growing and recipes.

Important Note about Pricing Fresh Produce: We don’t believe in pricing fresh produce per kg because our costs of growing produce such as – labor payments & salaries, seed saving, taking care of the soil, maintaining machinery, long term and short term capital investments (except land), managing risks, and transportation – are spread across all varieties grown, and we cannot value one vegetable more than the other. They are all equally precious and provide nutrition to you and your family without disparity. By attaching a cost to each type of vegetable, or following market trends, we believe we are disrespecting the real overall value of the produce.

Just look at it in a simple way on how you invest in your share (harvest box):

The price of harvest box (share) = the farms sustainability + your long term health & vitality