Can we visit your farm?

Our Farm Visits page will explain our current visitor policy.

Can we intern at the farm?

We have a Skill Exchange Program where we allow exchange of knowledge at the farm. You can reach out to us if you can match the skillset. There is a screening process before you can enter the program.

Do you take courses on the farm?

We currently do not have the logistical capability to run courses on our farm. We will announce if that happens in the future.

What’s your background in farming?

We both are certified biodynamic farmers and members of the Biodynamic Association of India. Kabir is a second-generation organic farmer who has been farm schooled by his parents. Anjali comes from a management background, and got into organic farming in 2012. We have both worked with, and trained tribal coffee farmers in the past to follow organic practices.

Is this your full-time profession?

The farm and estate are our full-time responsibility. It is the place we work and live as a family.

Do you buy from others and sell?

No. All produce and seeds sold on our farm store is grown and processed by us on the farm, unless stated otherwise. The “friend a farmer” model we follow does not support aggregation.

Why don’t you sell fresh produce?

Given our distance away from the city, it has been a challenge and expensive deal to send organic vegetables hours away while keeping them fresh. We do intend to market our fruits fresh, and will announce accordingly.

How many years will it take for a farm to be organic? Does certification matter?

Certifications mandates three years, but given the right conditions and soil care, 9 months onwards you can start seeing organic changes on the farm. It’s important you understand the farms practices before getting their produce. Organic Certification will ensure that a third party is checking on the quality and practices on a periodic basis.