Why a farmer must make peace with his ‘natural’ enemies and integrate, not eradicate

Author: Kabir Cariappa This content was published by “The Hindu” newspaper on January 10, 2020. Growing up, I’ve raised many babies from the wild. One of the first was a coucal (crow pheasant) that had fallen out of its nest. Then, a desert cat that used to purr so loud, we named him Motorola! I […]


Written by Anjali Rudraraju, Kabir Cariappa For Agriculture World Magazine, India. Published: September 2019 HOW IT STARTED  The idea of Biodynamic Agriculture began in the 1920’s and was modelled around the agricultural lectures given by Austrian born scientist and philosopher Rudolph Steiner. He is also the father of Anthroposophy and the Waldorf education system. Today biodynamic […]

Don’t blame the poor cows for Methane!!!

Lots of media articles out there talking about the harmful effects of methane (CH4) on our environment- specifically produced by cows and other cattle that releases their gases into the environment. These gases are categorized as “enteric fermentation”. It’s easy to be carried away by such publicized articles because they sound so sensational. Often there […]

The Indian Farmer Stereotype

We feel like it’s so important to break the farmer stereotype in India. Why can’t a farmer be well to do and live a comfortable life because they work hard, invested their money or inherited their land, well travelled, can be educated – need not have interest in the share market but can talk about […]

Whose Market Is This?

(A paper written by us for the IFOAM Organic World Congress 2017) How we can unravel the situation of unsustainable marketing of sustainable produce? Authors: Anjali Rudraraju, Kabir Cariappa Summary An overview of the current market situation that handles organic products, the role sustainable farmers play, how involved the consumer needs to be, and the challenges […]