We promote the “Friend a Farmer” model where most of the farm products are sold via recognized channels and direct established relationships. We strongly believe this marketing philosophy helps create transparency to consumers and directly benefits the farmers with a fair trade. If the end consumer does not know where their organically grown produce comes from, it defeats the purpose of our work. Therefore we always work with clients who promote us and provide absolute transparency to the consumers.

We guide local farming families to practice sustainable living by growing their own food and provide tailored solutions based on the environment and society they live in. Plans are under-way to start training and internship programs on the farm so you can experience hands-on learning.

Kindly write to us at [email protected] if you are interested in initiating a long-term project or training initiative with us.


Our land, produce and processes are currently certified organic by IMO Control (NOP & NPOP), meeting USDA and EU nation standards. We can obtain JAS & Demeter certification upon request by a client considering the size of the order or contract.