India has such a wide array of growing zones, temperature variances, and soil types. This calendar is an overall guide to plan your sowings and planting by seasons. This document can be used as a general guideline across India depending on what are the monsoon or winter months of your specific region, because they may vary to a large extent by altitude, zones and overall location.

You can refer to it from a broader perspective as to what crops can grow rain fed, what crops can tolerate cooler growing months, and what crops can do well in summer.

Yarroway Farm – Seasonal Sowing Calendar (India) – Downloadable file


Biodynamic Farmers across the world follow the calendar to follow the lunar cycle and constellations while sowing, transplanting, caring for, and harvesting crops. Here are some simple guidelines that will help you interpret the calendar better:

Full Moon: 48 hours building up to Full Moon. A period of high humidity and high water content in Sap. Take advantage of the moon benefits during this time.
Activities – Sow seeds/Apply liquid manure, CPP or plant nutritive. Good period to Fungus/Insect/Pest/Weed Control
Moon Opposite Saturn: 48 hours building up to Moon Opp Saturn. Calcium-Silicon forces are in perfect balance during this period.
Activities: Sow and Transplant. Use aerial sprays and BD501 to improve taste and keeping quality of fruits and veggies. Strengthens plant against fungus.

New Moon: 48 hours building up to New Moon. Period of great stress. Moon blocks the beneficial influence of the sun. Avoid ALL Agricultural Activity.
Nodes: +- 6 hours. Nodes are like mini-eclipses & again periods of great stress. Avoid ALL agricultural activity.
Apogee & Perigee: Avoid seed sowing 12 hours on either side. Sowing potatoes at Apogee has been found beneficial.

Ascending Moon: Affects activities ABOVE the soil. Spray BD501 (morning). Sow Seeds. Harvest fruits/seeds/flowers/hay. Prune cuttings for Grafting.
Descending Moon: Affects activities BELOW the soil. Cultivate Soil. Apply, plant and dig BD500 (evening). Make and spread Compost/CPP/Liquid Manure. Transplanting & Pruning. Harvest root crops.

Leaf Day: Days to focus on leaf based crops such – spinach, lettuce, cabbages. Also sugarcane and fodder crops grown for their green growth – cowpea, sorghum, napier grass, etc.
Fruit/Seed Day: Days to focus on any crop that produces an edible part after flowering. Beans, peas, tomatoes, okra, brinjal, squash/gourd, berries, fruit trees and shrubs. Also Oilseeds and Grains – rice, wheat, millets, pulses, etc.
Root Day: Days to focus on Root crops such as – potato, carrot, beetroot, radish, ginger, yam, tapioca, etc., Also Bulb crops such as – onions, garlic, turnip, leeks. Also kohlrabi.
Flower Day: Days to focus on all Flowering crops. Also broccoli and cauliflower.

This is an annual biodynamic calendar customized for India and released by BDAI (Biodynamic Association of India) and Bhaikaka Krishi Kendra in Anand, Gujarat. (See last page for area time zone adjustments within India)

2023 Biodynamic Calendar – Downloadable File