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Vana Tulsi - Clove Basil

Vana Tulsi - Clove Basil

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Ocimum gratissimum. Native to India and East Africa, a wild species brought into cultivation. Perennial, woody bush basil that can grow 5′ high with aromatic, slightly hairy green leaves, strong clove scent and spicy flavor. Used both fresh or dried to make a stress-relieving tea. Ayurvedic herb.

Quantity Options
1 set (S single packet) – 1g seeds
x10 sets (M bulk packet) – 10g seeds
x20 sets (L bulk packet) – 20g seeds

Days to Harvest
60 days

Sowing Method
Transplant from seed trays at true leaf stage.

Plant Spacing

Seasons to Sow
Monsoon & Summer

Growing guide:
Basil/Tulsi growing guide

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