African Sugar Bean (Bulk Size)


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Sugar Beans are a staple crop in most of Africa and is an important feild crop because of its high protein content and dietary benefits. These red speckled beans are grown for it’s seed, which is eaten as a vegetable. The dry beans have a high soluble fibre content. Sugar Beans are a warm season legume with upright or bush type plants. Requires a warm climate with temperatures between 18° C – 24° C to grow. The maximum temperature during the flowering period should not exceed 30° C. You can start harvesting the green pods after 60 days to have as green beans, but they are best eaten as dry beans – harvest after the pods go completely dry. Hardy and disease resistant.

75 seeds


Days to Harvest
85-120 days

Sowing Method
Direct Sow

Plant Spacing

Seasons to Sow
Late Monsoon and Winter

Germination %

Germination Date
Oct 2021

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Growing guide:
Beans growing guide

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