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Calico Popcorn


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This rare gourmet popcorn is midway between miniature popcorn and full-size ornamental cobs. Tiny kernels dot these 6” multi-coloured cobs in yellow, brown, white, purple, red, and blue. Give the tall, slow growing plants as early a start as possible for the most ripe cobs. Expect mixed colours on every stalk. This is not a sweet corn variety, and is not intended for eating as corn on the cob. But the kernels really do pop once they have fully dried.

110 seeds +-

Out of stock


Days to Harvest
90-100 days

Sowing Method
Direct Sow. Line sow in rows and thin as required.

Plant Spacing

Seasons to Sow
Autumn, Monsoon and Summer

Germination %

Germination Date
Sep 2021

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Growing guide:
Corn growing guide

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