We both are second generation organic farmers who believe in sustainability through growing our own food, adapting to the current environment and technologies, and protecting the environment around us. As trained and certified biodynamic farmers, we believe in the regenerative form of agriculture where the farm is a living entity that interacts with the environment and its beings, to build healthy living soil, and to produce food that nourishes mankind.

Kabir was born and brought up on an organic farm that is run by his parents since 1986. He was home schooled, and learnt a lot from the land because he could work with things hands on and see things transform. His strength lies in understanding the soil and energies of a place that make a farm and he also taught himself a whole lot of mechanical, homesteading, and self survival skills over time.

Anjali has been involved in sustainable farming and awareness programs ever since she quit her wealth management job in New York and moved back to India to convert her family’s small-scale organic farm into a fully sustainable unit. Her farm outside Hyderabad grew a diverse variety of salad friendly crops and the fresh produce was marketed directly to the city clients through a unique “friend a farmer” model.

We met while training farmers under an NGO program in a rural belt of the Eastern Ghats on applying biodynamics and self-sustaining techniques on their lands. Our ideologies about how we want to live our life and adopting the farming lifestyle took us into a direction of a being life partners and best friends who work well together.

“For us, sustainable farming is not about input management and measuring outputs against a conventional benchmark. We can’t value land based on how much it produces. It’s about how sustainably it can produce given the effort put into nurturing it and maintaining a respectful balance with nature.”