The Indian Farmer Stereotype

The Indian Farmer Stereotype

We feel like it’s so important to break the farmer stereotype in India. Why can’t a farmer be well to do and live a comfortable life because they work hard, invested their money or inherited their land, well travelled, can be educated – need not have interest in the share market but can talk about the world and economy in general. Also have a social life, friends and parties.

We have been criticized several times for not having the farm open for visitors, having so many number of acres, not answering their 100 questions, not being on google maps, not accepting bargaining, and not making time to talk to them. Just because we have a website and page up, doesn’t mean I have opened my home, farm, and time for public consumption. We work, and our time and efforts are as important as any skilled person. We share information on our farming practices, products that are available and other elements of farm life online. We don’t owe anyone our time and advice unless we have an interest in meeting someone because we share common or business interests. People ask us for free seed material, free advice, sources, samples, contacts and most of the time we happily share them when we have them in abundance and we have nothing to lose by helping someone. But we always have those souls who give us the “why don’t you” advice in return, disappear after they get what they need, and do whatever they want or nothing eventually. We always think “How come anything given for free is never valued? Why did we waste so much time and energy on this person?”

I thought this list was interesting.

A lot of cricketers and politicians out there also love farming. We hope people have a more broader perspective on the lives of people who like to farm. You don’t have to retire or give up on what you are doing to follow a passion of farming. Respect a farmers space and work life like you would respect any other profession.

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