Yarroway Farm is a small-scale seed producer selling open pollinated certified organic seeds. Our seeds are single-origin (all grown on our farm), hand processed and carefully dried to perfection for longevity. Over many years, we have been collecting different varieties of seeds from farms across the world and rural belts across India, adapting them to local conditions, and selecting seeds from the most resilient plants over the years. All our seeds have gone through viability and germination tests before they are ready for sale. Due to where we are located altitude wise, we cannot grow certain seeds such as beets, cabbage, etc. The varieties we are offering support the biodiversity in plants needed in an organic garden or a farm – Vegetables, Greens, Herbs, Flowers, Roots, Trees & Shrubs, and Grains. Bringing in the right balance with diverse varieties of plants is very important for a healthy organic garden.

Our seeds ARE heirloom, traditional, open pollinated, and hand processed on our farm.

Our seeds are NOT poison treated, GM, and hybrid.

An ideal way for us to expand our reach is by spreading our seeds and making them accessible for organic farmers and gardeners across the country! The biggest challenge we came across when we start off as organic growers is finding organic seeds and the right guidance from trustworthy sources! We hope we can do our bit to fill that gap by providing you with certified organic seeds, growing guides, and seasonal calendars to ensure that you can grow your own little garden patch!

You can access our Seasonal Sowing Calendar to better understand when to grow a wider range of crops in India. The Biodynamic Planting Calendar will further help you understand what time of the month to sow the seeds, transplant, and harvest for best results. Our Growing Guides will provide all the essential information you need to establish and grow your crops and handle issues in your garden.