We are looking for full time and part time staff who would help us run daily operations and administrative tasks on site at our farm. Some background in agriculture and basic computer skills are required.

Write to us at mongoose@yarrowayfarm.com with your profile, education, experience, and background details to start the process.


An opportunity to live and learn with us, and pick up some life skills on our farm, while living close to nature and wilderness. Our goal is to meet more like-minded souls from the alternative space, and learn new skills from each other. Listed here are the skills that can be exchanged for the duration of the program.


Our farm is our home, so we need to literally absorb you in as a family member. We need to match at-least one skill in the list on either side, and go through a screening process to enter the program. This involves sharing requested information, phone calls, video calls, and meeting in person.

Write to us at mongoose@yarrowayfarm.com with your profile, education, experience, and background details to start the process.


Rahul Pillai

Phd Student in Anthropology – IIT Madras

  • "I had the good luck of being one the first interns at Yarroway Farm, in the summer of 2022. Over the three months that I stayed and volunteered on the farm, I got to see many aspects of what it takes to run an organic farm. Anjali and Kabir were considerate and gracious hosts, always willing to share their experiences and learnings. I came to Yarroway as a complete novice but I like to believe that I didn’t leave that way. The hands-on character of the internship went a long way in ensuring that. My time at the farm will always be memorable and I am glad that it’s a place that I can keep returning to.”

Shreya Katyayini

Film Maker and Video Editor at the Peoples Archive of Rural India (PARI)

  • "The opportunity to intern at the beautiful Yarroway farm came to me at a time I needed it the most. I worked in the Bombay film industry for 5 years and I had decided to quit and move on to a different job. The transition period of three months from one field to another was spent at the farm. I had always been interested in growing and I really wanted to spend more time learning this skill. This internship provided me with all the things I needed. A beautiful home in a beautiful land with the very patient teachers – Kabir and Anjali. Who patiently answered all my questions and alway motivated me to make the most of my time while I was there. Vikram, their canine army and all the wildlife that I was surrounded with just made the experience very wholesome and memorable.I have come back home with an evolved understanding of our relationship with the land. How we treat them is how it treats you back. I am very grateful to have experienced a full season from sowing to harvesting vegetables, herbs, fruits and grains. The process was the lesson that will always stay with me. The learnings have equipped me to start my own food garden. The time spent here will forever be one of the most special time of my life.”


How long can I stay for the program?

1-3 months is a typical length for the skill exchange to happen. You can possibly extend the internship if there is more to learn or absorb. The first one week is a trial period. We can agree to stop the program at any point in case of an emergency.

Where will I stay?

We have a furnished cottage with two bedrooms, combined living space, a fully equipped kitchen, laundry machine, and bathroom. The cottage is located within the farm campus, 500m away from the main house.

Do I need to clean and cook for myself?

Yes. Self-reliance is a very important skill to sustain here. You should be able to clean up after yourself, keep the cottage clean, and make at least 1-2 simple meals for yourself. Lunch is usually with the family, unless you follow a specific diet that would like to prepare yourself. You can also access produce grown on our farm based on the season and availability. You will need to purchase the rest of your cooking ingredients from outside for your personal meals based on your diet of choice.

Is there any payment involved?

There is no exchange of money involved in this program from either side. We do not charge for the accommodation, lunch, and facilities provided in the cottage such as electricity, water, gas, etc.

Do you allow non-Indians?

Yes. However, you need to handle your own visa formalities.

Can I do this program part time or on weekends?

No. If you have a full-time job elsewhere, this might not be the right program for you.

Do I need to be concerned about the wild?

We live close to the forest range, so does not work for the faint hearted. There are certainly snakes on the farm, and wild life that enter the estate at nights. So you need to follow the safety rules prescribed by us when you live on the farm.

Who else lives on the farm?

Our family of three, and 3-4 staff members. Not to forget the dogs, cows, and chickens.

What do I need to carry with me?

Clothing by season, whites and light colors will be tough to wash. Breathable comfortable clothing, cargo pants, sun hat, rain boots, slip-on Crocs, and a torch. And whatever essentials and medications you need on a daily basis.

What about internet and phone connectivity?

Airtel network works best on the farm. Jio has patchy network, and Vodafone does not work. You can use your phone for 4G Airtel speed, or bring your own dongle to operate other electronic appliances.

Can I bring my vehicle and park it at the farm?

Yes you can.

Can I bring a family member, children, or pets?

Family member – Yes, if both of you are a part of the program on the farm together and get through the screening process. Children – we can discuss and agree based on the child’s age and how much monitoring they need. Pets – Sorry but domesticated pets are a challenge when we have our own dogs and animals on the farm, and its wild out there.