Yarroway Farm is us, Anjali, Kabir and our son, Vikram.

We met over an uncommon love for the near mythic herb, Yarrow, and went on to create a life of our own design. The farm is our homestead, where we live and work to the rhythms of the seasons and the planets, the ebb and flow of the Nugu Reservoir. For the next generation, we hope to leave an extra foot of biomass on our soils, and make the land capable of supporting a much larger biome. And a seed bank which we may not get to fully harvest in our lifetimes.

Since 2017 we have been regenerating our soils with biodynamic farming methods and preserving and nurturing the local biodiversity and wildlife. Our seed bank includes 350+ varieties of carefully preserved and traditional and heirloom seeds, and the origin of most of our produce lines.

Our flagship farm is located on the banks of Nugu Reservoir, close to the Bandipur forest range in South Karnataka.

Every produce of Yarroway Farm is organically grown, harvested, processed, and packed at the farm.


      An extension to us, located in South Coorg, we acquired this established family estate in 2021.

      Ever since, we have been adapting the old plants and trees to our regenerative, organic and biodynamic farming practices. The estate comprises of majorly robusta coffee, pepper, and coconuts – grown under rosewood and jackfruit tree shade, irrigated with natural springs and water reserves.


      A holistic range of crops across the year given the temperate weather in the region and ideal soil conditions:

      • PLANTATIONS – Coffee, Pepper, Coconut
      • ORCHARDS – Mango, Avocado, Jackfruit, Sapota
      • FIELD CROPS – Sugarcane, Millets, Rice, Peanuts, Turmeric
      • GARDEN – Greens & Vegetables (Seed Production), Herbs & Flowers (Medicinal & Culinary)
      • OTHER – Pongamia, Simarouba, Jatropha, Neem


      Our land, produce and processes are currently certified organic by IMO Control (NPOP), meeting EU nation standards.