Much before we started growing our own coffee, we worked with and taught other producers in the plantations of Araku Valley, Eastern Ghats. This is where we first met and fell in love. Those days under canopies of hundred year old Jackfruit trees and Silver Oaks, along with dappled sunlight and long conversations, something else hung in the air as strong as freshly roasted beans. Words. Caramel. Fruity. Chocolate. Citric. Woody. Acidic. Buttery. Smokey. Oakey. Long finishes. Short Drops. Lingering. First Notes. After Tastes.

A legacy perhaps of intellectuals from centuries past, idling away at new sprung post revolution cafes, their tables laden with red wine, quail breasts, fresh baguettes and cups of espresso. Finding new words to describe the subtle. The elusive. The flavour of imagined terroirs.

This coffee is among our very first batches. Harvested. Roasted. Ground. Packed. At our farm. You will have to use your own senses and words to think about it. Because we will be giving you only three words – Good, Clean Coffee.

At Yarroway, we follow biodynamic principles in farming and so: everything will evolve. The soil will only get richer in minerals and nutrients. The micro environments will create their own alchemy. This coffee itself will become more complex and intense. We wish to take you along on this journey, with each fresh batch, until we are ready to launch our own coffee line. Biodynamic coffee is never done growing. It only gets more interesting.