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Coffee & Jaggery Sample Kit

Coffee & Jaggery Sample Kit

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Try our coffee and jaggery first before you start indulging with us!
This kit has a bit of both for you to try and give us some healthy feedback!

Our House Blend coffee is among our very first batches. Harvested. Roasted. Ground. Packed. At our farm. A blend of our arabica and robusta beans, grown under rosewood and jackruit shade. This experience begins with fine arabica aromas, and develops into a molasses cured tobacco finish. Medium Dark Roast.
Omni Grind (can be used in most styles of coffee preparation such as French Press, Espresso/Moka Pot, Aeropress, Filter Coffee, etc).

Our Jaggery Powder has been a favorite of many families that have stayed loyal to us over the years. Made once a year in small batches on the farm, from our sugarcane harvest. Try it with the coffee and enjoy the combination of these elements!

x2 packets with appr. 100g of powder each

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3 months from packing date

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