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Confetti Coriander

Confetti Coriander

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House Favorite! This unique variety has fine and feathery foliage with the appearance of carrot tops, but maintains the distinctive coriander flavor and is wonderfully aromatic. Slow-bolting, sweet, and milder-tasting. The plants grow to a height of 18-24”. Perfect for salads and toppings.

*For best germination results, hand crush seeds before sowing.*

Quantity Options:
1 set (S single packet) – 190-200 seeds
x10 sets (M bulk packet) – 1900-2000 seeds
x20 sets (L bulk packet) – 3800-4000 seeds

Days to Harvest
30-45 days

Sowing Method
Direct Sow. Broadcast or line sow.

Plant Spacing

Seasons to Sow
Autumn & Winter

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