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Gourmet Leaf Lettuce Mix

Gourmet Leaf Lettuce Mix

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Exclusive! A specially designed blend based on two years of trials, bringing a balance of color and texture to your salad bowl. A stunning mix of different colors, shapes, and textures that make a delicious leaf lettuce mix. A mix of romaines, butterheads, oakleaf, frilly, and crisp leaf lettuces.

Quantity Options:
1 set (S single packet) – 250 seeds +-
x10 sets (M bulk packet) – 2500 seeds +-
x20 sets (L bulk packet) – 5000 seeds +-

Days to Harvest
25-30 days

Sowing Method
Direct sow in lines or transplant from seed trays.

Plant Spacing

Seasons to Sow
Monsoon, Autumn & Winter

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